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Readcycling means you can spend less and afford to do more. By getting cash back for the books you’ve finished with, the lifetime cost of your book is reduced. If you’re a student and you have to fork out for expensive textbooks every year, that’s got to be a good thing.

Embrace the new economy of reading! Readcycling means you make a saving, but you also make a difference. Every time you buy a book and then sell it back you’re helping save the planet, reducing the environmental impact of your reading. Why use more trees, ink and printing power than necessary? By readcycling and sharing the love, you’re reducing waste and making energy and material resources go further.



Sharing the love

When we launched the new Fatbrain app in May we offered a promo deal. We bought every single book everybody scanned, even if we couldn’t resell them. It seemed like the right thing to do and meant you guys could get into the swing of things.

We’ve done nearly 100,000 great deals through the app since then, but we had about 9,000 good books that needed readcycling. We wanted every book to find a home and pay it forward into the bargain, so we got on the phone to Oxfam and Amnesty. They were delighted to take them off our hands for their charity bookshops in Bristol, so the Fatbrain lads rolled up their sleeves and got Bob to bring his lorry round...

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The organisations who benefit from Fatbrain's readcycling