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Welcome to the Shelfie

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So, we have heard some fantastic news over the last few days, book sales for printed reads are finally on the up again. It is now growing ever more popular to buy a used copy,

We have been keeping our ears close to the bookshelf… (or ground) this past week, hearing radio, news and market reports on the “book come back tour”. Selectively noted as the ‘shelfie craze’, where many like to show their intellectual side through a mountainous bookshelf full of interesting and different reads – however people have also admitted to not reading half of them but are just for show and an ooo over the dinner table.

You may have also noticed the amount of Instagram posts includes a book or 5 over a nicely polished desk or bookcase with a caption somewhat similar to ‘gorgeous books, amazing reads #books #bookshelf #LOTR #bookworm’ – yes this is a real thing and is known as the “shelfie craze”, welcome to summer 2017.

I must admit, I do love a good book and to see a full book shelf in my house but I will admit that there are a handful that I have never read or have no intention of reading – I just like the look and feel of a book. But with this new and growing fad it is now positively affecting the book market and sales so much that it is expected to surge by 25% within 5 years’ according to the Telegraph.

Is the growth of printed reads due to the love of reading, or to cram the bookshelf full of books that may or may not be read? Whatever the case, we are excited for the next stage of the book market and to see the younger generation promoting the love of reading.

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