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The Ultimate Reading List

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The beginning of September is a pretty busy time for us in the book world, education titles are flying off the shelf and there is only one reason why – the ultimate reading list.

Summer holidays have just finished and it’s time to prepare for the next steps to university.

When a reading list is given to you in university before the start of the year, we all weigh up the pros and cons of spending large sums of money on these textbooks, especially they can be found in a library. However, with the popularity of uni courses on the up, what if your most needed textbook was limited and never available when it’s actually needed?

Textbooks advised within your reading list is something you may call back on over all 3 – 4 years you spend at university, and some you may find no use to you at all. This is exactly what I had found during my time at uni, however the books I purchased I still have and find useful today.

Your reading list may be widely available within your campus book shop, but have you looked around to see what you could gain from the purchase?

We at Fatbrain take educational books seriously, it is our bread and butter. We thrive on being able to supply our customers with books that are much needed but not with the expense.

On you will find we are very competitive with prices and offer a 10% discount through Youth Discount for all under 26 year olds and Students, meaning that you could get an absolute bargain for that much needed list.

Not only that, if you want to sell your used books for cash we have a read-cycle campaign to purchase your books back, and you can even use your Youth Discount to gain 10% extra cash!