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Paperback in the digital age

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With the rising of technology thousands of books can be accessible by the click of a button to a device in your hand. But where has the love for a physical book gone?

Reading a book has become somewhat of a novelty these days, I don’t know many people who would sit down and read a book from cover to cover.

Picking up a book and physically holding it in my hand is like a charm, the feeling of delving into another world and subversively indulging in every page. The feeling of turning each page is like accomplishment, and every time you turn that page, the familiar unique smell of a new read hits you.

The sensory side of having a book in your hands can always bring back nostalgia from any point in your life, from where you were to how you were feeling in that moment.

Yes, I may be slightly biased, but studies show that e-books can be disruptive to learning and concentration, due to the light that they emit which require a higher cognitive function to comprehend – making you more tired and causes changes to your sleeping pattern. So, if you want to have a read before bed to set you off to sleep, an e-reader may not be the thing for you.

In the opposite corner, paper books are shown to help with reading retention and comprehension levels whilst also causing less strain to your eyes.

Whilst an e-reader may be a god sent space saver, I still cannot make the transition. The physicality and feeling of holding a book would diminish my love in a great read – whether they are used or new, a blast from the past to a newly released title.

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