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Children Read

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As parents, we all fall into a routine for bed right from the get go. We get them all snuggled up, read them a story and maybe even sing them a song.

Now many question the effect of reading a story to a child that cannot comprehend words or even read, however some feel it has a soothing effect on both parent and child.

Reading a book, with lots of colourful pictures are proven to be a nurturing activity for both the child and parent. The interaction and wonderment over the sounds pictures and colours can help to build a more comforting bond, especially at bed time.

Reading a book to your little one from a very young age can and will teach them basic speech and letter recognition skills, to help them grasp learning to talk read and write a whole lot easier. Reading the book out loud also allows your child to use their imagination to a wider potential and an escape from what is put in front of them in day to day life. It also enriches learning from a young age, giving them a jump start in preparation for nursery, pre-school and ‘big’ school.

This may not spring to mind, when you think about reading children’s stories to your child but allowing their mind to digress into a world of wonderment, it actually allows them to understand their own feelings and emotions and how to accept them or act on them. This can be due to the relationship your child creates with a certain character or even the book itself.

Having reading time with your child is an important aspect of their childhood and cognitive growth, whether it’s a story they have connected with a thousand times or a something new. If you would like to have a look at our range of children’s books, please visit