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Adult Colouring Books

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Since 2015 the book market has seen a surge in sales for Adult colouring books, where over 4 million sales and £24 million pounds were spent in 2015 on these books alone.

Adult colouring books aren’t just a gimmick, they can be used for all kinds of purposes in a person’s life and enable them to explore different avenues of sociality, expression and therapy.

Colouring in general taps in to the creative side of the brain and allows it to express emotion through colour. It also allows your brain to unwind and relax, but concentrate on something menial such as “keeping within the lines” and “what colour comes next”.

Therapists are now starting to see improvements in patients that suffer with stress and anxiety after indulging in nostalgic colouring activities. That being said, there is not yet conclusive evidence and therapists cannot officially recommend adult colouring as a part of therapy. However, they see sizeable therapeutic benefits, as it allows a person to find a safety zone, unwind and de-stress after daily issues and events.

Aside from mental benefactors, this is a hobby you can enjoy with your friends and family. The Independent have also found that in the US, social groups for adult colouring is still growing, flourishing and loved by all involved.