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Selling Books

How To Sell Books

Want to learn how to sell books for some quick, easy cash? Of course, you do! Learning how to sell books is easy and straightforward, anyone can do it! Keep reading to see our 5 step process on how to [...]

best place to sell books

Where is The Best Place To Sell Your Books?

If you’re searching for the best place to sell books, you’re in the right place! A lot of people these days end up making the wrong decision when selling their old books online and soon find out they could have [...]

What's going on at your University?

Another summer has finally come to an end and that means back to University for most, but for some of you this will be your first ever year as Uni Students. Welcome freshers! A lot of you will be new [...]

The Ultimate Reading List

The beginning of September is a pretty busy time for us in the book world, education titles are flying off the shelf and there is only one reason why – the ultimate reading list. Summer holidays have just finished and [...]

Adult Colouring Books

Since 2015 the book market has seen a surge in sales for Adult colouring books, where over 4 million sales and £24 million pounds were spent in 2015 on these books alone. Adult colouring books aren’t just a gimmick, they [...]

Welcome to the Shelfie

So, we have heard some fantastic news over the last few days, book sales for printed reads are finally on the up again. It is now growing ever more popular to buy a used copy, We have been keeping our [...]