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Adult Colouring Books

Since 2015 the book market has seen a surge in sales for Adult colouring books, where over 4 million sales and £24 million pounds were spent in 2015 on these books alone. Adult colouring books aren’t just a gimmick, they [...]

Welcome to the Shelfie

So, we have heard some fantastic news over the last few days, book sales for printed reads are finally on the up again. It is now growing ever more popular to buy a used copy, We have been keeping our [...]

Children Read

As parents, we all fall into a routine for bed right from the get go. We get them all snuggled up, read them a story and maybe even sing them a song. Now many question the effect of reading a [...]


GREAT WORDS LAST FOREVER. Trillions of words have been spoken and billions more written, but most don’t make succinct sense of the world around us. We’ve found a few of our favourite pearls of wisdom and given them pride of [...]


Mental Health longevity linked to reading

Have you ever wondered why reading a book feels so relaxing? There are many answers to this but there is one that may surprise you. Picking up and indulging in the latest novel can be a treat, having a whole [...]

Paper Image

Paperback in the digital age

With the rising of technology thousands of books can be accessible by the click of a button to a device in your hand. But where has the love for a physical book gone? Reading a book has become somewhat of [...]